Bunratty Cratloe F.C.

Woulfe Park
Hill Rd
Co Clare

Rules: Bunratty Cratloe FC Last Man Standing



·      You must register the team of your choice before 6pm on the eve of the gameweek (For GameWeek 1 this is 6pm on Friday 18th October 2019).


·        If your team fails to win you are eliminated (i.e. a loss or a draw for your selected team, ends your run in the LAST PERSON STANDING.)


·        If your team wins – you are through to the next round, together with all the other players still standing with winning picks.


·        You must pick a different team every week for the duration of the competition i.e. you cannot select a team twice during the game.


·        GameWeeks are Premiership fixtures only, and generally only for weekend/Mondays round of matches, except when there is a full mid-week schedule.


·        Committee will decide on fixtures to be included/excluded as the competition progresses.


·        If your team’s game is called off, you will automatically be given the highest placed team in the league that you have not previously used.


·        If 3 or more games are cancelled in any GameWeek, that week's fixtures will be skipped and all still standing from previous week progress to next week.


·        If you pick a team already used in an earlier week, your entry will be the highest placed team in the league that you haven't already used.


·        If you neglect to pick a team for a gameweek, your entry will be the highest placed team in the league that you haven't previously used.


·        The last person (or persons) standing will take the money/share the prize fund. The prize fund is a guaranteed win (or share of, if divided) €1,000


·        At the discretion of the Committee, if there were more than ten remaining when all remaining participants are eliminated in a gameweek, all of those participants may be deemed still standing and so progress to the following week - thus avoiding dividing the jackpot between more than ten participants.


·        Fee is a once off €10 per entry - this fee covers each week that you manage to stay standing right to end of game


·        There is no limit to the number of times an individual can enter at the outset, by entering multiple lines at €10 each


·        Results will be updated each week on http://www.bunrattycratloe.com/ (The participant's selections will not be published before entries close for the week).


·        Committee’s decision is final in all matters.


·        While you're still 'standing', you must contact BCFC BY TEXT on (087) 3378767 with only the three-letter abbreviation for the team you have selected and your registration code, by 6pm on the eve of the next game week.